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Not So Lasting Trend

Monster Book o Monsters
Well, so much for bring on time. I have spent all my writing time going back and forth between sticking to the outline and letting the words run away with me. The filler scene that I thought I could speed through to get to the meaty stuff has taken on a life of its own. Now I am reworking the outline for the chapter and all the barebone stuff I have for the rest of the story. Arrg. Anyway, I am about half way through the chapter even if I haven't gotten through even a third of the outline I thought I would have by this point. Regardless, I should have something to be proofread in a few days and posted by early next week. We'll see.

Actually On

See, I can actually be on schedule- right on schedule as a matter of fact. The outline for the next chapter is now fleshed out and I have set aside about four hours on Sunday to start writing 25, though I have a slim hope that I will end up with some free time tomorrow too. Either way, I should be able to have the rough draft mostly if not completely written by some time on Monday. I am actually pretty happy with the way the outline turned out and it bodes well for the relative ease and possibly speedy writing of the chapter. My Draco muse, however, is not quite thrilled with me at the moment. He seems to think that I am not paying enough attention to the progression of his romantic angle with our favorite redhead. Impatient bugger. Anyway, to appease him, I might be throwing in an extra reference to things but I doubt the characters will hash anything out just yet. Maybe in 26, we'll see. And in the mean time I will just have to hope Draco doesn't start holding out on me in revenge.

24 Down, ? More To Go

Hogwarts Crest
Chapter 24 is now done and available to read on my site (link to left) and I have also submitted it to FIA but it might be a day or two before it's actually up. I know it's a whole day later than I had thought it would be, but to make up for such a tragic delinquency on my part (note the heavy sarcasm as we all know I've been much worse on other occasions) I have made some other progress as well.

I have put together a rough bare-bone outline of the rest of the story and it looks like it will wrap up somewhere between 27 and 28 chapters total. Knowing me and my long-winded tendencies however, 29 isn't out of the realm of possibility. Anyway, I am currently expanding the outline for 25 with the aim of fleshing it out before the end of the week as I hope to have a good chunk of time to start on the rough draft this weekend. For now, enjoy 24 and let me know what you think.

Outline Success

Quill Pen
Chapter 24 is now officially taking shape. The outline actually proved as good as I had initially thought - a nice surprise, I must say - and is now completely fleshed, with the rough draft already halfway done. Phew, I am so relieved that things are going so much easier with this chapter, I was half afraid of a repeat of 23. I hope to carve out a few hours on at least two days this week so I should have the first draft written before too long. My goal is to have it written by next weekend and possibly edited and proof read a week from tomorrow.

HSP 23 Posted

Yippee! Chapter 23 is finally revised and proofed and I think it finally flows well and reads believably. I certainly hope so, anyway, as I've posted it. The chapter is available to read on FIA, and Sunfire Scribbles (link to left).

I am already working on the next chapter. Unfortunately, 24 doesn't have much more than an outline at this point, but it's a good outline so I should have it fleshed out and ready to write rather soon. Hopefully getting it completed won't be as nerve wracking as it was with 23.

The Annoying 23

B/W quill
Ugh. Still working on revising 23. Every time I rewrite parts of it, I say I'm done but when I go back to read it over, something else needs to be fixed. I am having some trouble with the believability of the duo's extraction. I just can't seem to describe it in a way that works for the story and could still be relatively feasible based on my research. Needless to say, this chapter is still kicking my ass and won't be up for a little while yet, despite it's being completely written (multiple times, I may add). Maybe by the weekend. Fingers crossed.

HSP Chapter 22

Monster Book o Monsters
Chapter 22 of Hearts and Soul Parts has now been revised and submitted for posting on FIA. It should be available to read there in a day or two but if you can't wait, I have also posted it on and my site (link in left column). As for other progress on this story, it is slow going. I have been trying to finish revisions on 23 so that I can iron on the outline for 24 and start fleshing it into a rough draft, but for some reason, it just won't come out right. I should have some time tonight or tomorrow to give it another go, so fingers crossed. If nothing else, I have to get the Draco/Ginny stuff moving in the right direction or else I'm afraid my darling muses will murder me in my sleep. This story keeps attacking me at random moments, pieces of various scenes playing out in my head when I should be focused on other things. Like work so I can make my next credit card payment. Stupid grocery bills. Maybe I can sic my HSP muses on those somehow. Ahh, if only.

Pain and Progress

Well, for all that I feel like shit (migraines are evil), I have also feel almost comfortable as far as progress is concerned. Now if only my head would stop feeling like it is literally going to throb off my shoulders, I would be a happy girl. Chapter 24 is now completely outlined and I have a good sketch for flashing it out, though any real writing on it will probably have to wait until I have fully edited 22 and 23 since the content of 24 will depend on how I wrap up what happens at the end of 23. I am almost half way through revisions on Chapter 22 so, I should have it ready to post this week and hope to have 23 ready a few days after that.

Malicious Muses

Wow, has it been a while. RL truly sucks sometimes, it has been extremely mean to me lately as far as giving me time to write is concerned. Oh well, I've given up on my night classes and started a new job with the possibility of another soon so I am hopeful that I will be able to at least finish HSP before things get too out of hand again. I have actually written through chapter 23 but still need to do some notable revisions on both 22 and 23 before they will be ready to post. I have revised 21 already (I was just not happy with how it flowed) and will be replacing the existing chapter on and my site with the new one today.

The new version will also be up on FIA today or tomorrow. Chapter 24 is almost completely outlined, so I am thinking of getting started on it this weekend to let the previous two sit for a while so that when I edit them next week I will be able to see any errors more easily. So, you see, I have actually been getting a bit done in my absence. Not that my Ginny muse has been satisfied.

For being so stubborn and silent the past months and contributing to my writer's block in the face of RL drama, she sure has been a bitch about me not finishing her story. I have tried to tell her that she will get her first kiss with Draco soon, maybe in chapter 23 or 24 depending on revisions, but it has only quieted her protests instead of silencing them. I just hope I get enough done next week to prevent Draco from getting in on the torture, I shudder to think of what they could come up with working together.

Chapter 21 Up!

Monster Book o Monsters
Ok, so I'm a day or two later than I was aiming for, but the twenty-first chapter of HSP is now available to read on my personal site! I will be submitting it to FIA as soon as I type this up so it should be ready to read there in a day or two as well. As for chapter 22, I am scheduled to get off work a little early tomorrow and plan to go straight to campus to get some writing done in the library before class, but even if that doesn't work out, I still have my Slytherin style 'study' time during class that should produce a page or two on HSP.