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Writer's Blah

What is it about having an 8 page paper due that makes me want to write anything else? So far in the last few days I've reread and edited three old fics, reorganized the outline for Unforgiven Intentions, which I haven't been able to work on in forever, written one chapter and outlined another of the Mistaken Delivery sequel- Return to Sender, and come up with an idea to re-write the premise for a wrestle fic I started and stashed in the stale folder years ago. Huh. Now if only I could get through the wall around my history paper, cause as much fun as it is to write fics, even old ones, this is getting me no closer to finishing the assignment due next week. That isn't to say of course, that I haven't worked on it, I've read, and strategized, and taken notes, and read some more, all while being dog sick. Yet the only writing that has actually left me feeling like I've accomplished something is RtS. And I still have a nasty paper for a truly painful class to work on. And work on. And... well, you get it. I guess I should get back to it. On my next mental health break, maybe I'll try and figure out what the hell to do with the Facebook account I started. I'm not exactly great at figuring out this stuff, though I'm obviously *so* great at posting regularly. Yeah, yeah, I'm going to actually try to write here at least weekly now. Not that it really matters, as I'm sure no one is actually reading this, but it gives me a place to vent and ramble so whatever. Now, back to Return of the Soldier and the WWI Depth Experience I signed up for in an apparent fit of insanity...

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