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Deep Breath...

Slyth Tie
Six more weeks, only six more weeks, that's 42 days, more or less, before my undergraduate career is over.

Now, if only those six weeks didn't include 13 major assignments, I might start to get excited. Oh well, the by this time next week it'll be down to single digits, so that's something. Too bad all major stuff always comes due around the same time, and apparently the same time that things are really picking up at work too. I suppose that's where the deep breath comes in... right before I plunge in head first to a full load of classes that includes my gigantic senior paper, an internship, and a new job. Well, at this rate, maybe these last half dozen weeks will go by quickly- nausea and migraine inducing, and stress filled, but quickly.

And when it's all over, I'll have a few months during which I'll already have a job and can just relax and GET SOME WRITING DONE ON MY FICS for the first time in over a year and a half, and then I'll have my writing to talk about, which is what this whole thing was supposed to be for in the first place. Wouldn't that be nice?

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