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Dead Letter SIte

Yeah, okay I've been silent way too long, and after saying I would post more regularly. Shame on me. Anyway, I haven't been lazy on everything- I've finally put together a website with almost all my stories on it (excluding ones that have very little actually done on them, those I started years ago and haven't worked on for just as long, and a couple that upon review, kind of sucked). Yea me. I've worked a little on a few different stories, but am still staring down the demons of writers block on Hearts and Soul Parts, the story I have been promising myself to focus on and get finished before I devote any significant time to any other fic. Fingers crossed my Draco and Ginny muses will start cooperating again.

As I get back into writing mode, I will use this as a place to post progress and updates (instead of rambling about other things because I didn't have anything fic-related to discuss), which was actually the purpose for my starting this in the first place. Until then, if there's anyone out there, please go check out my site:

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