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Outline for Finish Line

Hogwarts Crest
I've finally managed to give myself a rough outline of the remainder of Hearts and Soul parts. I'm really hoping that having an idea, even a foggy one, of where everything is going will help starve off further problems with writers block on this one. I will be fleshing out the outline for chapter 18 and plan to start writing it within the next few days. My goal right now is to have the chapter finished by this time next week.

I'm crossing my fingers as I type this that real life won't get back in my way, but I'm feeling optimistic overall as far as this story is concerned. It has been way too long since I made significant progress on this, and I really want to get some serious distance covered towards the end of this one. As of right now, I'm anticipating HSP to end up around 23 or 24 chapters total, so the end may soon be in sight. If I squint, I can see the sequel to Mistaken Delivery being started in a couple months. That would sure be nice, since I've been wanting to do it since before I finished MD. We'll see. First I have to finish HSP.

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