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Generous Ginny

Good Ginny Muse, good girl. No, I don't normally treat my muses like puppies but my Ginny muse has been jumping around in my head and begging for attention the last two days so it seemed appropriate. Canine jokes aside, I've written most of chapter 18 of Hearts and Soul Parts! Yea me. I have the urge to sit for hours at my computer writing and rewriting once again, I haven't even had to force it at all the last few days, it's fantastic. If I can keep this pace up, I should have enough chapters written in about a week or two to start proofing and posting HSP again. Happy dance.

I'm currently posting this story to the Fire and Ice archive and my personal site (shameless plug) which finally has a counter on it, after being up for months, I know, I'm technologically challenged- thanks for the help Crys.

I'm hoping to add a links page to my site soon, with a few of my favorite archives, but I'm still working on it. Hopefully that will be done in a few weeks, but since I'm moving along so well on HSP I don't want to break my momentum by focusing on anything else too much right now. Speaking of, Ginny's calling again, so I'm back to it.

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