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Stalled but not Stopped

Monster Book o Monsters
The writing stage of HSP is currently stalled, I don't really have the time at this moment to write up a chapter, my work schedule has picked up and will be up for a few more days while I complete this project, but I'm still working on the story. I'm trying to do what I can here and there and concentrating on what can be accomplished while working around RL. Fixing up completed chapters is probably going to be my best shot at accomplishing something since I don't have larger blocks of time to devote to writing at the moment.

I'm changing the discussion of the plot devise that runs through Chapter 21 (which is what's holding up posting of the Chapter's I've already written) so I can put up at least Chapter 16 while I get things out of the way to allow myself to get 20 and 21 done. I should be able to have Chapter 16 tweeked and proofed so I can post it within a day or two. As soon as I get this assignment done for work and have a little more time for my fic, I will be focusing back on 20 and 21 to wrap up that plot section and be able to post the other chapters without worrying about needing to change anything to make 21 work after the fact.

So, bottom line- 16 will be up in a couple days and then I'll get it written through 21 so I can put up 17-21. Just so you know, Hearts and Soul Parts is currently outlined to be 23 chapters, though it might go up to 24 depending on how well I can get things wrapped up there at the end.

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