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One Step Forward...

B/W quill
...two freaking steps back to the drawing board. Well, blank computer screen, but that's just details- and a lack of a single word worth crap on the next chapter of Hearts and Soul Parts, dammit. It's been long enough since I've gotten anything actually accomplished that I'm afraid I can now officially say the evil writer's block has returned. Ginny and I are going to have to put our red heads together and come up with an attack plan.

I'd ask for Draco's help too, but he's done nothing but curse me lately for not coming through with the Draco/Ginny romance I promised him in chapter 20. And even his insults are lacking creativity at the moment. Woe is my poor abused pen. If it were a pencil I'd have sharpened it to a nub by now for all the outlines and false starts I've gone through the last couple weeks. Guess I'll go get a new one and get back to it, I've carved out some serious time this weekend to bang my head against this chapter until something useful falls out. Fingers crossed- at least until I need them to type.

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