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When Muses Attack

On this episode of When Muses Attack we will witness the bloody carnage left over when neglected muses go after their tired and overworked authors in an effort to get a few pages of attention.

Yes, I know, I'm a bad bad author, it's been forever, but I am still working, I swear, and no matter what Ginny and Draco say, I haven't forgotten them or the mission they're waiting to complete in Hearts and Soul Parts, I know they have a horcrux to steal and destroy and I'm carving out the time needed to get them through it. Now that I am back down to only 4 jobs it should be a little easier.

My goal is to have chapter 19 submitted next week. I have also started posting HSP to ff.net hoping to spur myself on, rereading the story as it goes up and getting myself back into the right frame of mind. It's starting to work, but one of my jobs requires long hours of typing and I don't know how much more I can fit in a day, even for my beloved fic- yes Ginny, I know how much of a temper a redhead can have, I'm one too you know, and I'll get to you and blondie first chance, I swear.

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