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Carved But Not Polished

I said I would carve out some time to write on Friday, and I did, but I ended up spending most of it reworking the outline for chapters 20 and 21. I did get some work done on 20 as well, and I am nearly done with it. Another page or two and it will be complete, though it will still require proofing and maybe a bit of polishing before it's ready to post.

On a slightly different note, a few complications and a overdue decision which I've very recently made will leave RL extremely full and hectic within the next few weeks. I hope to get a couple chapters done and the rest of the planned chapters outlined and ready to flesh out before it all hits the fan. Fingers crossed. Whatever the speed of my progress however, I will continue to work on HSP and when it's done, the other sequel(s) I have in mind whenever I can. And again, thanks so much to everyone who has asked for updates lately, it's nice to have more than just my own stubborn determination and inability to leave the story unfinished to propel me along.

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