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Progress Ahoy

Ohh, I'm so excited, I finally managed to get part four done on Unforgiven Intentions. My restlessness and the FMS pain in my arms and hands has been conspiring against me, but the muses have claimed a victory. Now I just have to write the next four parts I have outlined, figure out how much longer it's going to be, then outline and write that, then still manage to get some other muses active so I can move to another fic and not lose momentum.

Oh, yeah, and I also need to study for my astronomy quiz tomorrow and then do all my Asain American Lit homework. Muses sound more fun. Especially if I can get my Randy muses awake and work on the Lita/Randy I started last week.

I've also had the urge to bring some of my HP fics back to life, if anyone even remembers them any more, which I doubt. Oh well, I'd write whether or not anyone was reading them, I know I do with some of my other stuff.

Before any of that, though, I should probably get some sleep, it does tend to help with the exhaustion, and the quiz taking.

Well, off to stare at the ceiling 'till the Tylonol PM kicks in.

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